cloud computingCloud computing has quite an array of benefits for users across all industries. From business organizations to entertainment all the way to the gaming industry, this technology has something for everyone. There are various ways in which cloud computing has changed the gaming industry. Other than the provision of numerous opportunities to both gaming companies and clients, it has also dealt with most of the common issues and is thus leading to the growth of this sector.

Gaming is an industry that has grown at an exceptionally high rate over the past decade, with revenues in the ranges of billions per year. It is expected to reach greater heights in the coming times; owing to the numerous benefits which cloud computing brings to the sector.


There are times when one wishes to play a game on their mobile device, only for it to crash, owing to the graphics capacity. It can be quite frustrating, and it is a problem which many users have faced at one point or the other. With cloud computing, developers can scale their games in a way that they require less storage space and processing power as well as graphics experience. In this way, even gamers on low-end machines can enjoy the games as opposed to the situation before the emergence of this technology.

Another way in which this technology helps regarding compatibility is that users no longer have to rely on consoles in gameplay. Through the support of the use of multiple devices, players can use their laptops, mobile phones, desktops and a wide range of other gaming devices to access games from across the world.


cloud supportCloud computing is much more scalable and flexible as compared to the traditional gaming methods. As such, once a user registers information, it will be available in their accounts at all times. Users can also save games and protect their gaming accounts with ease, and this makes the gaming experience more enjoyable for them.


In the traditional gaming modes, companies pay for bandwidth and when the traffic increases, so do the costs. Traffic is likely to be high when a company brings a new game to the market. When the hits are at a standard rate, companies utilize about a tenth of their server space and pay for that and when the number of people increases, then they use up more and part with more money for it. In the case of cloud computing, companies are subject to costs regarding what they have used, thanks to the payment options available.

Reduced piracy

In traditional gaming set-ups, the software is available on the market, and as such, people can easily manipulate the game and release one similar to it on the market. In cloud computing, people cannot get hold of the software as the activities take place in the cloud servers through access from user devices. As such, it gets hard for people to interrupt the game for personal gain.


Cloud computing may be an advanced form of technology, but this does not in any way hamper its ease of implementation. As such, users can easily access the games they like using their mobile phones or computers from anywhere in the world. What’s more, they do not have to download and configure the game apps to enjoy the game, and this thus leads to a lot of convenience for the users.

Users can also play numerous games at a time, and this enables companies to get more revenue in the process. Gamers also get to enjoy having many options and this benefits both the company and its clients.


cloud securityWith traditional forms of storage, people are always at risk of getting hacked, and this hampers the level of protection which gaming companies enjoy. The entry of cloud computing providers has changed this by providing security at very high levels. As opposed to traditional methods’ forms of storage, information in the cloud is in virtual spaces that are harder to access, and this makes it much easier for data to be safe.

Thanks to all these developments, game makers can move from making consoles to dedicating their time to the creation of exciting content for their users. Big players in the industry such as Nintendo are reaping the benefits of cloud computing, and with more entrants coming in, users will get to enjoy gaming like never before!